365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

4.20.19 Day 10 Is your life what you imagined it would be? Not even close. I expected so much more than where I am now and how I got here. I had dreamed of so much more at this point in my life.  Can you honestly say you imagined your life to be where itContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 64

11.05.18 Do you dress for yourself or to impress other people? Once upon a time, it was to impress others because I was worried about how other people looked at me, and thought of me; certain styles, name brands, etc just so I felt and looked “good” according to other people’s standards. I grew upContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 64”

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 57

10.29.18 Do you have leadership qualities or are you strictly a follower? I definitely feel as though I have leadership qualities, I enjoy being a leader (not a boss) but a leader. Especially now more than I have in the past due to my confidence increasing and feeling the need to want to make changesContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 57”


Can’t expect to start something for only a few days — you have to make it a “lifestyle” change aka habit/routine.  We can all start something, but how long before you decide to give up or try a new method? Fitness works the same way, if you want results; patience has to form along withContinue reading “#BEGREATGUYS Tip #10 Making It A HABIT”