Happy Fourth Of July 2017

Have a wonderful Independence Day Bloggers!

Goals/Mindset Tag (YouTube Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeWwy-n0qDQ   Hey everyone,  I was tagged recently in a YouTube “Goals/mindset” tag by another fellow YouTuber.  I had seven questions to answer and then had to tag 5 other people in the YouTube community, so hopefully all of you will enjoy this video.  If you cannot view the video and want me to sendContinue reading “Goals/Mindset Tag (YouTube Video)”

Topic Tuesday- Squat Challenge

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMs7X75ORuc&t=76s I just want to make mention, that I appreciate “MAX OUT GAINS” on YouTube for nominating me for this challenge, and I am sorry it wasn’t on a day that I could be 100 percent but women suffer every month LOL – not my fault. I did what I could with what I hadContinue reading “Topic Tuesday- Squat Challenge”

Personal training: helping a friend day four

Warm-up: Knee to chest lunge twist leg swings 5-10 minutes of dynamic warm-up. Workout Session: Treadmill – 45 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed.  If he needed a break, I told him to reduce the speed and keep walking, not come to a full stop.  Cool-down: Treadmill- 5 minute, no incline, 3.5 decreasing slowly to 1.5Continue reading “Personal training: helping a friend day four”