Last day of May workout

Warm up:   Smith machine calf raises: 4 x 25, 25 lbs Glute kickback: 4 x 25 ea. leg Kettlebell stiff legged deadlift: 4 x 25, 4 kg Workout: Sumo deadlift: 4 x 1-2 (90% 1RM, 200 lbs)/ 4 x 1-2 (100% 1RM, 225 lbs)  Barbell back squat: 4 x 1-2 (90% 1RM, 180 lbs)/Continue reading “Last day of May workout”

Wall Ball Squat| CrossFit It Out

Going back to my CrossFit days when I was introduced to “Wall Ball Squats” — for the life of me,  I did not realize they would be a challenging workout; I figured what is so hard about squatting and throwing a ball against a wall BUT boy was I wrong! hard workout and definitely madeContinue reading “Wall Ball Squat| CrossFit It Out”

Smith Machine Vs The Barbell

Hello fellow bloggers, Today’s fun topic of discussion for all my fit crazed people is: smith machine vs barbell. Now for many of you; you have a preference and some of you choose to only one use or the other depending on your fitness level.  If you are not aware of what a “smith machine”Continue reading “Smith Machine Vs The Barbell”

What is ‘Tabata’ Let me be honest by saying, I had never heard of ‘tabata” before taking an exercise science class where one of my former classmates was doing a workout with her client, and I decided to ask what it was and she explained to me that it was called “tabata”. Watching her and her clientContinue reading “What is ‘Tabata’”