Wall Ball Squat| CrossFit It Out

Going back to my CrossFit days when I was introduced to “Wall Ball Squats” — for the life of me,  I did not realize they would be a challenging workout; I figured what is so hard about squatting and throwing a ball against a wall BUT boy was I wrong! hard workout and definitely madeContinue reading “Wall Ball Squat| CrossFit It Out”

September 12th workout

Warm up:   2-3 minute step ups Workout: barbell bench press: 4 x 10- 65 lb, 3 x 8 – 80 lb , 3 x 5 – 90 lb Superset: back flyes (resistance band): 4 x 10, red band Bosu ball push ups: 4 x 10 Superset: standing military press: 4 x 8, 60 lbContinue reading “September 12th workout”

Man-Makers (Exercise How to)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMNnvhg1JcM   I call these WOMAN MAKERS! 😀  It is probably obvious why I call them “Woman makers” instead, basically because I am female and I am cool like that; but don’t get offended men, because they are formally called “man-makers”.  Now the majority of you are probably thinking “WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS THIS”Continue reading “Man-Makers (Exercise How to)”

12 Week Cut Program – Day three

Today was supposed to be a rest day..    But it wasn’t. The program called for a rest day but if you know me, then you know I workout about 5 – 6 days a week (when I am healthy and active/not when I am pmsing and sick) and so this means, I did WHATContinue reading “12 Week Cut Program – Day three”

Long Damn Week, Back to normal Hours, back to gym.

Happy Monday FitFam! Finally January is coming to an end and the only reason I am happy about this is because finally I am not working another 60 hours in Feb. lol. which means I get TIME to actually get things done, the weather is getting closer to spring/summer and that excites me and becauseContinue reading “Long Damn Week, Back to normal Hours, back to gym.”