My Top 6 Triceps Exercises

Triceps & Strength Many people fail to notice that no matter how big of biceps you have, your strength will dwindle if you have weak triceps muscles. Everyone usually focuses on making a stronger bicep & bigger biceps but when it comes to triceps, it goes to the waist-side. It’s true, that if your tricepsContinue reading “My Top 6 Triceps Exercises”

Wednesday Morning

Heavy Bench Day. Warm up: chest press machine: 4 x 25, 40 lbs triceps extension machine: 4 x 25, 25 lbs DB bentover row: 4 x 25, 20 lbs Workout: Barbell floor press: 5 x 2-3 (90%) 110 lbs barbell floor press: 5 x 2-3 (95%) 120 lbs Tri-set: EZ bar military press: 5 xContinue reading “Wednesday Morning”

When the Bench Press Needs Work

Ugh! my bench , my bench, my bench needs improvement. Today was a heavier day for bench — what i could consider heavier but not near my max day. I was working in the 3 rep range and did 95 lbs & 110 lb lifts for my bench press. I show both lifts Here. My benchContinue reading “When the Bench Press Needs Work”

Resistance band exercises (upper body)

Utilizing resistance bands for exercise are a great way to recover from injury, warm up before starting your workout, and adding some form of variety to your programs. Not to mention you can add them to your main exercises to add some form of extra resistance.    Today’s post will go over some upper body exercises usingContinue reading “Resistance band exercises (upper body)”

Bench Speed Day

Warm up:   DB chest press: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Cable Triceps pushdown: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Cable face pulls: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Workout: Barbell bench press: 8 x 5-6, 75 lbs Barbell bench press (wide grip): 5 x 8-10, 80 lbs Barbell bench press (close grip): 5 x 8-10, 75Continue reading “Bench Speed Day”