Sit ups because sometimes less is more (Exercise How to)

The best way to do a sit up, is to do it the right way!    If you guessed today’s workout and guesses Sit ups, then you are correct (I know it was obvious) lol. but honestly, I chose this exercise because for 3 reasons  1) it can be done at home or at theContinue reading “Sit ups because sometimes less is more (Exercise How to)”

Squat Challenge- FINAL DAY! :) I DID IT!!! Hey everyone!  Today was my LAST DAY OF THE SQUAT CHALLENGE! I conquered it, the unbelievable 250 reps, I did it! I fucking made it! I started off now knowing if I would even get past 50, I had no game plan and I thought to myself, I wanted to reach at least 100,Continue reading “Squat Challenge- FINAL DAY! 🙂 I DID IT!!!”

Day 24, Squat Challenge, 220 reps Please excuse the creaking sound in the background because of my floors and the sound toward the end (roommate) lol. Thank you for watching!  Please Subscribe to my channel 🙂

180 Squats – Squat challenge, day 21 Watch my YouTube video I took today, performing 180 bodyweight squats for the squat challenge I am partaking in. I hope all of you enjoy it, sorry for the visuals, I always try different filters and some work well and some suck – I like doing trials runs to see what I like bestContinue reading “180 Squats – Squat challenge, day 21”