The Barbell Front Squat

When it comes to squat variations, my strong suit is the front squat due to having strong quad muscles — in the video I demonstrate the front squat from the back side view, doing 135 lbs on the barbell & making sure to hit the 90 degree angle on the way down and bringing theContinue reading “The Barbell Front Squat”

Push Up Challenge – Day 5 & Day 6 I did day 5 push up challenge today because yesterday was my “rest day”.and today is day 6 and a rest day for the push up challenge, so yeah 🙂 Hopefully this video will help you realize what a standard push form looks like. I tried to capture my whole body, so you couldContinue reading “Push Up Challenge – Day 5 & Day 6”

Squat Challenge- FINAL DAY! :) I DID IT!!! Hey everyone!  Today was my LAST DAY OF THE SQUAT CHALLENGE! I conquered it, the unbelievable 250 reps, I did it! I fucking made it! I started off now knowing if I would even get past 50, I had no game plan and I thought to myself, I wanted to reach at least 100,Continue reading “Squat Challenge- FINAL DAY! 🙂 I DID IT!!!”

Yesterday’s Topic Tuesday Video

Me planking for 1:00 with 25lb Weight plate Don’t mind the fact I look a hotmess, this is typical of me! lol. just pay attention to the form and technique!