365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being

8.30.19 Day 22 What areas of your self care do you need to work on more? My mental state/mindset– especially managing my social anxiety and anything that hinders me from feeling good about myself. Also, my dental could be better taken care of, I need to see a dentist and have routine wellness check upsContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being”

I’ve done it again..

Forgot to adult for the week..  I think my weekly planner is getting sick of me going off schedule these days, I have a planner I use and lately have barely opened it — hints why I have been behind in blogging and studying; I should always check my planner because honestly. my anxiety startsContinue reading “I’ve done it again..”

Take Care Of Yourself (YouTube Vlog)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En2csp5mHZA – my YouTube vlog Today’s vlog was about taking care of yourself – in all aspects. We tend to sometimes neglect certain things and work on other things thinking one can make up for the other, but in all honesty, balance is key. While listening to my video, be sure to leave a comment andContinue reading “Take Care Of Yourself (YouTube Vlog)”