Muscle & Strength Submission Update

It Will Be Happening I wanted to update everyone the results of my submission, I got an email from Muscle & Strength about publishing my workout/article & the answer is YES! they will be publishing it at some point in May of this year! I am so excited & when it gets published, I willContinue reading “Muscle & Strength Submission Update”

Muscle & Strength Submission

Submitted An Article to be Published via GIPHY I submitted a fitness/health article to muscle & strength (popular fitness site and supplement store) and they got back with me the other day and said they would be interested in publishing my article — which is very exciting & a huge deal because they areContinue reading “Muscle & Strength Submission”

Nov.14th Workout: 8 Week Program|Week Two|Day Two

Another day, another workout. I upped each one by 2 reps compared to last weeks. You will notice 2-3 new exercises I added because I wanted to add some supersets, and you will notice that I did not do any cardio today due to time but tomorrow, cardio will be implemented.    Legs, biceps, abs,Continue reading “Nov.14th Workout: 8 Week Program|Week Two|Day Two”

Nov.7th Workout: 8 week program| Week one|Day two

Quads, Triceps, Biceps, Abs and Calves Workout: Superset: Barbell back squat: 3 x 8, 135 lb DB lunge: 3 x 8, 40 lb Superset: Barbell curl: 3 x 8, 50 lb Lying triceps extension: 3 x 8, 30 lb Superset: Standing calf raise: 3 x 8, 115 lb Barbell romanian deadlift: 3 x 8, 185Continue reading “Nov.7th Workout: 8 week program| Week one|Day two”

8 Week Program

So today starts a new program I will be giving a go for 8 weeks, I found it on Muscle & Strength website. Now typically I don’t use these programs because for one, they aren’t 100 percent and secondly I like creating my own workouts. However, when I do choose to do one, I likeContinue reading “8 Week Program”