365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being

9.02.19 Day 25 Is there something you need to give up or cut down on? Cigarettes/alcohol/caffeine? How can you take steps to do this? No. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink a lot of caffeine and my alcohol consumption is rare.  This is officially the LAST post on my self discovery journey! So happyContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being”

365 days of self discovery: Day 26

9.28.18   What habit would you most like to break? I have a bad habit of going days without drinking any liquids (bad habit) and very unhealthy way of living. I can’t tell you why for sure, I just never feel thirsty enough to react; and the only time I actually know when I amContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: Day 26”

Eating bad habits

I warned you that I would be eating pizza the next day— It was due to the fact a couple of co-workers of mine at this new job wanted me to try this taco pizza and I had never had it but I love tacos and I love pizza, so I was all in. IContinue reading “Eating bad habits”