Macro’s from Yesterday .. Day Two

Yesterday (well Monday) we had a labor day meal — that was brought to us by our job. I work third shift so it technically was on Tuesday when we ate. I made some bad decisions & could properly measure out the servings, and so without accurate count of macros, I decided to not postContinue reading “Macro’s from Yesterday .. Day Two”

Happy Labor Day & Motivational Monday!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day with friends & Family! If you have the day off from work, make it worth your while 🙂 Don’t skip a gym session due to the holidays, work around the holiday cheer & get errrr done! My Motivational quote for you is:  “No amount ofContinue reading “Happy Labor Day & Motivational Monday!”

Labor Day Workout – Sept. 4th

My Labor Day Leg Day! Workout: Superset:   Back squat: 1 x 15, 95 lb                                1 x 12, 105 lb                               1 x 10, 115 lb Continue reading “Labor Day Workout – Sept. 4th”