Someone’s Else Squat Routine I did I had a fellow blogger who commented on my post about pyramid training and wanted me to try this routine he uses for his squat. I have the routine copied in the description box of my YouTube video and also will post the whole workout in another post as well.  Thanks bloggers for yourContinue reading “Someone’s Else Squat Routine I did”

Man-Makers (Exercise How to)   I call these WOMAN MAKERS! 😀  It is probably obvious why I call them “Woman makers” instead, basically because I am female and I am cool like that; but don’t get offended men, because they are formally called “man-makers”.  Now the majority of you are probably thinking “WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS THIS”Continue reading “Man-Makers (Exercise How to)”

Phase Two: Six week to shreds. Week One, Day Two

Warm up:   2-3 minutes, step up with knee raise Workout: Barbell shoulder press: 4 x 9-11. 45 lb. 1 minute bench step up between each set Standing alternating DB press: 3 x 9-11. 50 lb. 1 minute kettlebell swings (8 kg) between each set Smith machine one arm upright row: 3 x 9-11. 45Continue reading “Phase Two: Six week to shreds. Week One, Day Two”