365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 66

11.07.18 What are you passionate about? My career as a personal trainer Writing; blogging physical and mental health — the importance of it, stigmas, health care, etc Traveling  Motivational & inspirational speaking — I want to pursue a career doing so on the side LGBTQ issues  What are your passions? 

365 days of self discovery: Day 41

10.13.18  What are you looking forward to? I suppose my future and what all it has in-store for me; specifically, having my personal training website finished and running, creating products (clothes, accessories, etc for my brand), my first powerlifting meet next year, writing my first book and having it published  — while also having myContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: Day 41”

365 days of self discovery: Day 35

10.07.18   What are your priorities? My business — building the foundation and growing it. eliminating any debt from my life saving enough money to move next year Having a 401k for retirement my blog (s) — having them become a form of monetize so I can make them a side paying profession my health/well-beingContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: Day 35”

365 days of self discovery: day 11

Day 11 What is your greatest accomplishment? To be honest, there are very few things in my life I would consider as accomplishments, because this word I use seldom when talking about myself due to the fact I don’t feel as though I have accomplished enough to say I have drastically seen progress in myContinue reading “365 days of self discovery: day 11”

New & Improved — but not where it needs to be yet

Monday: Workout regimen Motivational quotes or topics Macro’s tracking/meals (personal accountability) Tuesday: Workout regimen Fit tips macro tracking/meals  Wednesday: Workout regimen exercise how to/why macro tracking/meals Thursday: Workout regimen macros tracking/meals injury prevention or mental health or thursday thoughts Friday: Workout regimen (if I workout) macros tracking/meals recipes, food & nutritional topics Saturday & Sunday: Continue reading “New & Improved — but not where it needs to be yet”