Resistance band exercises (upper body)

Utilizing resistance bands for exercise are a great way to recover from injury, warm up before starting your workout, and adding some form of variety to your programs. Not to mention you can add them to your main exercises to add some form of extra resistance.    Today’s post will go over some upper body exercises usingContinue reading “Resistance band exercises (upper body)”

The Front Squat— Exercise

Many of you probably have either heard of or performed the front squat. This particular exercise is great for the quads (isolation) & also helps because to keep your back straight and upright. What makes this particular exercise “harder” is because there is two variations of the hand placement (depending on your preference, either youContinue reading “The Front Squat— Exercise”

Week Four|Day Three Wednesday Nov 29th

Instead of my usual CrossFit workout, I had to change it up because I was PMSing (usually I don’t workout at all during this time) but wasn’t feeling too bad this time round and decided to find a workout to cater to it that I could do at low intensity. This workout I created wasContinue reading “Week Four|Day Three Wednesday Nov 29th”

My Gym Workout – Dec. 7th

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date, a date of which with a blogger site.. people will be mad, they may cringe at the sight.. I’m late.  .. Yes, prepare for more random quotes I shall make up. Some motivating, some weird and others very creative indeed. I happen to make that wholeContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Dec. 7th”

My Gym Workout – Dec. 6th

What’s up Fitfam! So happy all of you could join me for another workout post. I made today a full body workout, due to the fact I had not had a written plan down beforehand, so I winged it and did what I could. I expected to do more exercises, but caught up in aContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Dec. 6th”