10 Lower Body resistance band exercises

Can be done anywhere Yesterday I went over upper body exercises you could implement utilizing the resistance bands & today I will go over lower body exercises with the resistance band. A short list of exercises that can be done anywhere since the use of a resistance band can be taken with you on trips,Continue reading “10 Lower Body resistance band exercises”

Resistance band exercises (upper body)

Utilizing resistance bands for exercise are a great way to recover from injury, warm up before starting your workout, and adding some form of variety to your programs. Not to mention you can add them to your main exercises to add some form of extra resistance.    Today’s post will go over some upper body exercises usingContinue reading “Resistance band exercises (upper body)”

Yesterday’s deads

I did not make it to the gym today due to having other priorities and then having to work. This was yesterday’s workout.     Conventional deadlift: 3 x 3   70% of 90% of 1-RM: 185 lb 80% of 90% of 1-RM: 215 lb 90% of 90% of 1-RM: 240 lb, I did 3Continue reading “Yesterday’s deads”