365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past

3.26.19 Day 19 What was your favorite thing to do as a child? being outdoors, riding my bike riding my skateboard, video games reading throwing football with my younger brother  playing basketball 

Thursday Strength

Well, I skipped yesterday’s workout due to the fact I was beyond exhausted and had to work both jobs on very little sleep, so decided instead of pushing iron, I’d get some much needed sleep (my body was thanking me) and I will do my Wednesday on Friday instead. Today I was going heavy withContinue reading “Thursday Strength”

Today’s long leg sesshh

Warm up: kettebell swings: 4 x 25, 12 lbs Front box step ups: 4 x 25 DB Romanian deadlifts: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Workout Seshh: Conventional deadlift: 6 x 5-6 was the goal (but did 6 x 4-5) at 215 lbs Barbell back squat: 6 x 5-6, 155 lbs Supersets: Front squats: 6 xContinue reading “Today’s long leg sesshh”

9.26.18 Workout

Warm up: DB chest press: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Band lateral raises: 4 x 25, green Workout: Barbell bench press: 4 x 2-3 (90%) 115 lbs Tri-sets: DB chest press: 4 x 4-5, 90 lbs  DB incline press: 4 x 5-6, 70 lbs Plate front raises: 4 x 5-6, 35 lbs Tri-sets: DB shoulderContinue reading “9.26.18 Workout”

Tuesday Two-a-Days

Monday I did a rest day (I know, odd) only because Sunday I had worked out with a gym friend of mine & I needed to the sleep Monday to fully operate doing two jobs one after the other pretty much. Lately I have been doing ‘Two-A-Days” (coming in twice in one day) to workout,Continue reading “Tuesday Two-a-Days”