Finding the Right Gym Partner

Fitness Friend In a world where we need motivation & willpower to accomplish goals, meet deadlines and manage our lives without giving up, I would say having social support is important because it offers the motivation, ignites some willpower within you and for some reason creates a purpose to keep going when they want toContinue reading “Finding the Right Gym Partner”

What makes for a good gym partner?

Some people are ‘lone wolves’ such as myself, but every now and then we want the encouragement of someone else to keep us pumped, grow a bond & be the ‘bro’ we need in order to hit that next PR (yelling in our ear and rooting for our success)!    But..    We should beContinue reading “What makes for a good gym partner?”

Gym Partner Monday

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t in town to attend my regular gym and I still wanted to get a workout in, in order to not skip a Monday. Thankfully, my friend, whom I was staying with over the weekend, agreed to attend the gym with me earlier this morning at herContinue reading “Gym Partner Monday”

New gym experience & gym partner

Workout:   Smith machine bench press: 5 x 3, 115 lbs Superset: smith machine shrugs: 6 x 12-15, 205 lbs EZ bar bicep curls: 6 x 12-15, 40 lbs Superset: DB triceps kickback: 6 x 12-15, 15 lbs EZ bar military press: 6 x 12-15, 40 lbs Superset: Cable chest press: 6 x 12-15, 50Continue reading “New gym experience & gym partner”

Making a friend & doing deadlifts

For starters, today was a good workout BUT to add to that, I had a fun conversation with a girl who attends my gym, her fiance does too, but she was working out this morning and had a leg day, it was the day she was starting to use the barbell for squats for theContinue reading “Making a friend & doing deadlifts”