Linear Leg Press (Exercise How to &YouTube Video) Most gyms will carry this machine, but I have seen them shaped seemingly different. The above video is of myself demonstrating how to use one (I did 4 x 20 at 180 lb) but of course depending on your goals and fitness level that could be different for everyone. Something I want EVERYONE toContinue reading “Linear Leg Press (Exercise How to &YouTube Video)”

Personal training: Helping a Friend Day 16

Fitness bloggers and Enthusiast,  Today was another morning workout with John, I woke up with snot all over my face from having this cold, and was sneezing and constantly wiping my nose, but I knew I had to continue with our plans of meeting at the gym. I am dedicated, lol. It didn’t help thatContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a Friend Day 16”

Seated Leg Extension (exercise) Hope you don’t mind loud background noise and hard breathing because that is what the video is full of, oh and a guy without his shirt, who has abs, don’t pass out women, I promise I posted this for the example of the exercise, not to deliver massive heart attacks.  On a more seriousContinue reading “Seated Leg Extension (exercise)”