When the Bench Press Needs Work

Ugh! my bench , my bench, my bench needs improvement. Today was a heavier day for bench — what i could consider heavier but not near my max day. I was working in the 3 rep range and did 95 lbs & 110 lb lifts for my bench press. I show both lifts Here. My benchContinue reading “When the Bench Press Needs Work”

September 5th Workout

Shoulders, chest and HIIT Training Workout: Superset:   Upright Cable row: 3 x 8, 8, 10. 50 lb, 60 lb, 70 lb Smith machine bar push up: 3 x 10 Superset: Seated DB shoulder press: 4 x 6, 6, 8, 10. 50 lb, 40 lb Barbell incline bench press: 3 x 10, 75 lb Superset:Continue reading “September 5th Workout”

Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46

FitFam, Sorry this post is coming at you so late in the evening, since the time change, I have been getting behind sometimes and not watching the time properly. Well the truth is, I decided to make tacos tonight last minute because I got sick of looking at them on people’s Instagram for #TacoTuesday, soContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46”

The Jump Squat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeTBwEL4m7s Do you have hops?! lol.  No I am kidding, but seriously, do you have hops? If so this is one exercise that will test that but no worries, no competition. If you don’t have hops, this is still a good exercise for you to implement into your regular routine to have some variation andContinue reading “The Jump Squat”

Personal training: Helping a Friend Day 16

Fitness bloggers and Enthusiast,  Today was another morning workout with John, I woke up with snot all over my face from having this cold, and was sneezing and constantly wiping my nose, but I knew I had to continue with our plans of meeting at the gym. I am dedicated, lol. It didn’t help thatContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a Friend Day 16”