Week Seven|Saturday|Workout

Workout: Superset: Barbell front squat: 3 x 12, 75 lb Stiff leg deadlift: 3 x 15-20, 50 lb Superset: Linear leg press: 3 x 12, 388 lb DB goblet squat: 3 x 15-20, 25 lb Superset: Seated calf raise: 3 x 12, 100 lb Smith machine narrow stance squats: 3 x 15-20, 80 lb Superset:Continue reading “Week Seven|Saturday|Workout”

Linear Leg Press (Exercise How to &YouTube Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdaRhKPRzvA Most gyms will carry this machine, but I have seen them shaped seemingly different. The above video is of myself demonstrating how to use one (I did 4 x 20 at 180 lb) but of course depending on your goals and fitness level that could be different for everyone. Something I want EVERYONE toContinue reading “Linear Leg Press (Exercise How to &YouTube Video)”

My Gym Workout – VERY light leg day

Good day bloggers,   Today’s workout was a very light leg day workout, I didn’t want to overtrain my body and it needed somewhat of a rest without resting inactively, so I did a light workout for my legs (didn’t lift as heavy) so hopefully that will help with my legs so they don’t getContinue reading “My Gym Workout – VERY light leg day”

Gym Workout – Jan. 26th

Hey FitFam,  I woke up later than usual today due to a phone conversation last night that seemed to last longer than I would have expected but it was well worth it until I woke up and realized how tired I still was – ugh. I swear I looked at my alarm clock (yes IContinue reading “Gym Workout – Jan. 26th”

My Gym Workout- Another lengthy one.

FitFam Monday Jan. 9th  Remember how I shared with all of you about my workout on Saturday being lengthy, well come to find out, today’s workout was also very lengthy as well. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but realized I had to make up for another day at the gym I missed. IContinue reading “My Gym Workout- Another lengthy one.”