365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

4.28.19 Day 18 You have decided to emigrate, where are you going to live? Columbus, OH. Not a far drive from where I live now in Ohio. Then eventually down the line, I’d like to move someplace warmer after doing research and visiting a few states of interest. Where would you move to? 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future

4.21.19 Day 11 What small change would you like to make to your life? Where I currently reside. I would like to move to a bigger city with more opportunity and more freedom, culture, diversity and learning experiences. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions

2.05.19 Day 37 What causes you to be anxious? Running late Starting a new job moving to a new location (new state, city, new roommates, etc) traveling someplace new on my own being in crowded spaces having to make difficult decisions not feeling financially secure or having to worry about finances/bills driving in bad weatherContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions”

Podcast: Fitness/health Advice #4

Choose your run. https://soundcloud.com/shay-lonfitnesswonderwoman-moss-fitness-wonderwoman/if-you-dont-like-running-long Today’s podcast I discuss with viewers, how running doesn’t have to be long distance if that isn’t your thing, my tip to you is try sprints or interval training because they bring just as many results and work just as well and can also challenge you 🙂

The Wii Fitness

Okay bloggers, this is that thing called “old news”, but this old news will soon be the new “trendy” thing to do again, just give it another few months to a year and everyone will be back on this bandwagon. How many of you remember when the Wii introduced itself and how eager your childrenContinue reading “The Wii Fitness”