Sumo Deadlift PR’s yesterday

Firstly, I would like to say that yesterday I managed to hit 3 PR’s in my sumo deadlift. Last week I left off at a 25 lb increase to 250 and this week I was able to add 40 lbs more to it, Videos showing my lifts: Sumo PR’s each video is showing different weights starting fromContinue reading “Sumo Deadlift PR’s yesterday”

Monday Week 11

So today, I did two core lifts instead of one because Wednesday morning I have a hair appointment and wouldn’t be able to make into the gym in the morning, so I doubled up. I did the shoulder press & bench press core lifts. Barbell bench press: 3 x 5,3,1 75% of 90% of 1RM:Continue reading “Monday Week 11”

Wednesday, Oct. 11th Workout

Legs & Triceps  Workout:   Barbell squat: 4 x 10, 100 lb Triceps pushdown (v-bar): 3 x 10, 60 lb & 70 lb Superset: Barbell deadlift: 4 x 10, 100 lb Reverse grip triceps pushdown (straight bar): 3 x 10, 70 lb Superset: Single leg press: 4 x 10 each leg, 90 lb Bench dips:Continue reading “Wednesday, Oct. 11th Workout”

Training with Supersets

Happy Thursday Bloggers, There are so many different ways to train and all of them are useful in some way or the other. I find that trying different training styles increases your knowledge for fitness, gives you better or more results and can be less boring. While some training styles take more time, it isContinue reading “Training with Supersets”