The shenanigans of today

Warm up:   Straight arm cable pulldown: 4 x 25, 40 lbs Bentover DB reverse flys: 4 x 25, 20 lbs assisted dips: 4 x 25, 110 lbs Workout: Barbell bench press: 8 x 5-6 (4 x 75 lbs 60% 1RM) (4 x 80 lbs 65% 1RM) Barbell bench press: 8 x 2-3 (2 xContinue reading “The shenanigans of today”

Monday’s 3 month 1RM check (shoulder press)

First and for most I want to apologize for the delay in post this week, Tuesday I was very sickly & bed ridden all day due to muscle fatigue, sore throat and nausea, and didn’t have the energy to blog; let alone make it to the gym, so I made Tuesday my rest day. TodayContinue reading “Monday’s 3 month 1RM check (shoulder press)”

Yesterday’s hammies and glutes

I made some huge strides yesterday when it came to my deadlifts, I was able to lift heavier weights more more reps and without a weight belt.      Conventional Deadlift: 3 x 5,3,1   75% of 90% of 1RM: 200 lb, no weight belt 85% of 90% of 1RM: 225 lb, no weight beltContinue reading “Yesterday’s hammies and glutes”

Squats & PR’s

For starters, my glute and back are feeling much better — I was able to squat and do my normal cardio workout and lift fairly heavy with no issues, there was tender areas but not BAD, so thank you to all those that wished me well with the injury! 😀     Barbell back squat:Continue reading “Squats & PR’s”


I got lucky today because I forgot my running shoes at home when I arrived at the gym, and that meant no interval training on the treadmill today! haha      Barbell back squat: 3 x 5   65% of 90% of 1-RM: 120 lb 75% of 90% of 1-RM: 140 lb 85% of 90%Continue reading “Squats/Bench/Cardio”