Seated Barbell Press (YouTube Video of me) Today was a lousy day at the seated barbell press, I did 4 x 10, for 35 lb. My standing press is a lot more and I normally am doing about 45 on a good day for my seated, but today was not going to happen – in the end it went fine thoughContinue reading “Seated Barbell Press (YouTube Video of me)”

My 12 Week Cut – Day 13 (Week 3)

Happy Monday!!! Fit Family 🙂   All of you probably thought I forgot to keep up with my program BUT no, I have been keeping up with it (just haven’t posted about it in some days because my workouts are repetitive a lot and because I wanted to give you guys something new to lookContinue reading “My 12 Week Cut – Day 13 (Week 3)”

12 Week “Cut” Program – (Muscle & Strength) Day ONE

I am starting a new program (12 weeks)….    This isn’t a challenge of any sorts, but instead a program for me to “cut” and still keep my gains. I had to do some research on my own time to figure out which program I would start to give me an idea on how toContinue reading “12 Week “Cut” Program – (Muscle & Strength) Day ONE”