Skipped Monday & regret it

Starting on a Tuesday was about as bad as skipping a whole week at the gym. My performance on Tuesday leg day was less than mediocre and hardly finished (in order to finish up my workout, I had to edit the amount of sets/reps & lower the weight on lifts that don’t normally require it)Continue reading “Skipped Monday & regret it”

Squat variations

Give them a go!  When all else fails, squat it out. Today’s list will consist of a different variations of squats that range from very popular to “I never heard of this one”, but hopefully in the end, all of you will give some of them a go, and let me know in the commentContinue reading “Squat variations”

Week One|Day 4|Powerlifting|Cycle One

Road to powerlifting Barbell back squat: 3 x 5 65% 1-RM: 117 lb 75% 1-RM: 135 lb 85% 1-RM: 153 lb , 5 rep max Leg press: 5 x 15, 180 lb Box squats: 5 x 15, 75 lb Leg extensions: 5 x 15, 60 lb Walking EZ-Bar lunges: 5 x 15, 30 lb CardioContinue reading “Week One|Day 4|Powerlifting|Cycle One”

Stiff-Leg DeadLift (My YouTube Video) This is my demonstration of the stiff-leg deadlift/still leg deadlift on the smith machine. This exercise does a great job with working the hamstrings on your leg day! enjoy! Shay-lon