Circuit Training Workouts

In a world where being creative is a must if you want to prevent boredom, this is where I come in and enlighten your day and workout. I strive to help people find their wings in the gym, to find exercises and training modules that work best for them individually — because everyone is anContinue reading “Circuit Training Workouts”

Long Leg Day

I would just like to mention that today’s leg day was written down a lot harder than what I got finished within 3 hours. I know it seems like a long day, but that includes the breaks, because this week is all heavy lifting, which means longer rest periods. I don’t ever plan on beingContinue reading “Long Leg Day”

Week Two|Day Three|Powerlifting|Bench Press

Road to Powerlifting  Bench Press: 3 x 3   70% 1-RM: 81.9 lb 80% 1-RM: 93.6 lb 90% 1-RM: 105 lb, 4 max reps   DB chest press: 5 x 15, 50 lb Incline DB chest press: 5 x 15, 40 lb Push ups: 5 x 10 DB flyes: 5 x 15, 20 lb Cardio: StairContinue reading “Week Two|Day Three|Powerlifting|Bench Press”

Hanging Twisting knee raise

This particular exercise isn’t for beginners, but if you are a beginner and want to give it a go, by all means, DO IT! I was actually quite surprised I could manage this ab workout considering I was introduced to it while doing a program I found online. I now implement them quite often forContinue reading “Hanging Twisting knee raise”

22 Push Up Challenge|Veteran Suicide Awareness I participated in the 22 push up challenge raising awareness for Veteran suicides.  I want to thank all of you who have served our country with massive amounts of bravery.