Heavy squats & deadlifts

Today’s workout consisted of heavy load today with both squats and sumo deadlifts, I used low bar wide stance squats because I am working on hip mobility along with the sumo deadlift. I have noticed that what I thought was my max effort, I could have probably went up in weight on my heavier liftsContinue reading “Heavy squats & deadlifts”

Deload Week 8 Day Two

Conventional deadlift: 3 x 5   40% of 90% of 1-RM: 105 lb 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 130 lb 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 160 lb   Deficit Deadlifts: 5 x 6, 160 lb Deadlift off blocks: 5 x 6, 225 lb, 185 lb DB stiff legged deadlift: 5 x 6, 90 lb Hyperextenstions:Continue reading “Deload Week 8 Day Two”

Yesterday’s workout

Deload week will entail low weight core lifts and I decided I would do heavier weight accessory lifts during deload week 🙂  Barbell shoulder press: 3 x 5   40% of 90% of 1-RM: 30 lb 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 40 lb 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 50 lb   Bench press: 5 xContinue reading “Yesterday’s workout”

Powerlifting Cycle 2 — Heavy loaded Squats

Week 5/ Day 4 Today’s lift was focused on squats and quad assistance work. I did heavy lifting on my squats, and noticed some improvements — so happy! I also did some ab work and cardio (changed up the cardio). I will leave a like at the bottom to my Instagram page; which will haveContinue reading “Powerlifting Cycle 2 — Heavy loaded Squats”

Circuit Training Workouts

In a world where being creative is a must if you want to prevent boredom, this is where I come in and enlighten your day and workout. I strive to help people find their wings in the gym, to find exercises and training modules that work best for them individually — because everyone is anContinue reading “Circuit Training Workouts”