The Burpee & Half Burpee

Half burpee video The burpee video Hello fitness Fanatics!    Today I want to go over the Legendary burpee & half burpee.  I have participated in both exercises during my CrossFit class, and have to say I think the “half burpee” is harder, especially when you are reaching fatigue but both exercises are considered toContinue reading “The Burpee & Half Burpee”

The Paleo Diet – What is it? what is it not?

  I hope someone can understand my humor with using a picture of a dinosaur, if not,, I am disappointed in you & therefore, we can no longer be friends, lol. (Kidding).  So by now everyone has heard of this thing called the “Paleo Diet” and by now it has been a booming success forContinue reading “The Paleo Diet – What is it? what is it not?”