Tip #7: Don’t more than you can handle

Easier said than done.  Most people assume you have to lift heavy to see results, but what happens is they compromise their form in order to do so.  My tip is straight forward: Don’t lift more than you can handle, gradually increase but don’t compromise the form/technique in order to do it, because otherwise youContinue reading “Tip #7: Don’t more than you can handle”

Week 6|Day Two

Yesterday night, I was up to no good smashing pizza and drinking alcohol with peers, and so I figured today’s workout wouldn’t be as efficient because of my choices. I did however, found a way to work around the lack of sleep I had in order to do the load amount and meet my repContinue reading “Week 6|Day Two”

Week Six|Day One

Today’s workout went well overall. I realized based on other days, I have increases in loads and decreases, but I have been trying to be consistent so I can see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. For example I can DB bench press 80 lb for 8 reps but today, I could not do itContinue reading “Week Six|Day One”

Seated Russian Twist (My YouTube Video) using 45 lb weight plate

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCg9B5v8Obc This video is of me demonstrating the seated russian twist using a 45 lb weight plate. I would highly suggest to beginners to start this exercise without the use of weight until you get the form and technique down and strengthen your core. This is a great workout for the core muscles and youContinue reading “Seated Russian Twist (My YouTube Video) using 45 lb weight plate”

My gym Workout – Feb. 25th

Sorry Fitfam,  It has been a minute since I have posted my actual workouts. I know you don’t all care but for the ones that do, this is my way of letting you know I apologize – with this whole sponsorship contract and getting things around the Arnold Classic this year and not to mentionContinue reading “My gym Workout – Feb. 25th”