Wednesday CrossFit

CrossFit Circuits (Deload Day) Circuit One: (4 rounds)   Manmaker: 5 reps, 25 lb DB thruster: 5 reps, 25 lb Jump squat: 5 reps Circuit Two: (3 rounds) Weighted burpee: 15 reps, 25 lb Kettlebell swings: 15 reps, 10 kg Decline sit ups: 15 reps Circuit Three: (5 rounds) Hang clean: 5 reps, 65 lbContinue reading “Wednesday CrossFit”

Sit ups/Crunches Superset

Isolated Exercises I did 3 x 30 sit ups & 3 x 30 Crunches (superset)   If you haven’t yet subbed to my channel, make sure to do that..    ALSO!  be sure to follow me on IG Fitness WonderWoman My Twitter My Snapchat: milkchocolatemm My LinkedIn: LinkedIn account My Pinterest: Pinterest Account Email:   OfContinue reading “Sit ups/Crunches Superset”

PR Day (1RM & leg day combo)

Hello – How are you FitFam? Remember when I told you I was going to do some PR’s and figure out my 1RM’s and what not? or did I not tell you and kept it to myself? LOL. Either way, I did it today. I made today the day, and decided I would share someContinue reading “PR Day (1RM & leg day combo)”

Post Superbowl Workout – No, not cardio today. Sorry, not sorry

Happy Monday FitFam!!!!!  I just want to say BIG CONGRATS TO MY TEAM THE PATRIOTS FOR WINNING THE SUPERBOWL YESTERDAY (I plan on posting a YouTube video on my excitement).   My workout today consisted of leg day and abs – no, no cardio (this was on purpose of course) but thanks to some bloggers,Continue reading “Post Superbowl Workout – No, not cardio today. Sorry, not sorry”

My Gym Workout – Circuit Training

FitFam Thursday,  I was able to make it to the gym today, secretly I missed yesterday for a couple of good reasons. I decided to pamper myself and went to see my hair dresser – I didn’t get anything crazy done, just got the usual but it still felt good, especially since I haven’t seenContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Circuit Training”