How To Shop For Groceries w/out falling victim to our cravings

Lets face it, food is amazing and most of us have our favorites we go for when we are craving a bite to eat. Two habits I find that I have had difficulty breaking, that many of you may have also experienced is shopping on an empty stomach & not being properly prepared with a list. Many of times when I was shopping on an empty stomach, it meant I was willingly throwing things in the cart I didn’t even need because it looked good at the time, and when I didn’t have a list to get me back on track, that is when I went haywire and just made excuses for buying things that I normally wouldn’t put into the cart.

It is easy to go to the store and want to try all the new products, follow cravings instead of purpose and for those of you who have a family to shop for, it easy to put them first when shopping and not think about what you need. Then there are some of us who stay on a strict budget and so splurging is our way of rewarding ourselves when we have extra funds to do so, or perhaps we stay on this strict budget and can’t afford to buy foods that people would consider “healthier” options. Trust me when I say, I have been there multiple times when it comes to finances and having to be strict with my funds — it does delay some choices and it does make shopping more difficult sometimes — not to mention it adds unnecessary amounts of stress to make sure we stick to it so we can afford other bills, etc.

When people ask me what I buy at the grocery store, my answer: I shop with a purpose in mind & I shop knowing what I need and what I want (I keep a good balance of needs vs wants, so that my wants don’t outweigh my needs) I don’t neglect my wants but I do make choices that make it necessary for me to have my needs. I.e for example, there have been times I had a craving for something sweet — but I needed to buy some vegetables, well technically I can get both, I can find something sweet that I enjoy and get my veggies BUT what I notice some people will do is get more sweets than veggies, leaving their cart full of junk food and less nutrient based (5 different packs of cookies, but one head of lettuce) — well yes, you managed to get both… however, you are only going to be satisfied for a short period of time from eating the cookies; whereas you can use the lettuce for a meal that will be more filling.

I am a firm believer that moderation is key, I don’t like for people to go on these strict diets that prohibit them from eating foods that they enjoy… I am so against the diet culture as a whole because really it has caused more issues than helped and it causes people to be paranoid about food, causes people to form eating disorders they didn’t have, it pressures people to follow eating habits that are risky, it scares people into thinking that food is bad, it creates fads that are short term gains, it dictates people’s lives and it only creates myths that people believe in because they don’t know any better or have no educational background in the field of nutrition or have been fed ideals of what it means to be ‘fit & healthy’ — if you don’t remember anything else from this post, know I am a huge advocate for food is fuel & what you eat is your business BUT there are ways to better your eating habits to get the results you want for yourself without having to cut everything out and starve yourself. As a personal trainer, this is one of the many things I explain to clients, because I want people to eat foods that fuel their body and mind but also foods they like (whether it be alternatives to their food choices/recipes, or how much they eat or drink something) — again moderation is everything!

A Few pointers when grocery shopping:

  1. bring a list
  2. eat beforehand
  3. think about meals you want to have during the week
  4. cravings aren’t bad, don’t be afraid to buy something off the beaten path but keep in mind how much of it you are buying and how much of it you need
  5. grocery shop with a purpose —
  6. intend to buy more needs than wants
  7. when grocery shopping for the family, don’t forget to add things to the cart for yourself too.
  8. You don’t have to buy organic in order to eat healthy
  9. Buy breakfast ,lunch, dinner — helps to think of groceries in this aspect unless you are someone who eats more or less meals a day
  10. stay away from aisles that aren’t on your list

Hopefully this post has been helpful. Leave comments letting me know how you do your grocery shopping without falling victim to cravings!!!

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Lifting for Beginners

In the fitness world, nothing is scarier than taking your first step inside of a gym and having no idea where to start, how to use equipment, what any of it means, and be completely on your own because the staff is no where to be found (or perhaps the staff is too busy being entertained by their co-workers to pay attention to the new person walking in) <— YES! trust me when I say I know the feeling.

In order to avoid this from happening to anyone else, let me help by giving you some tips/advice & steps to take when venturing inside a gym for the first time. Step one is plan ahead, this saves time and also builds your confidence — because I realize how intimidating it becomes when you are on a fitness journey and everyone around you seems to look to be in shape. Don’t worry about everyone else, because this journey is about YOU, and secondly, we have all started from the beginning at some point in our lives. #Truth

Planning ahead comes with some homework — but nothing too tedious, rather a good way to make sure you are packed and ready for the gym experience. While planning ahead, here is a list of things to consider and/or do before hopping inside the car ..

  1. pack your gym bag to meet your needs (headphones, water, lock for the lockers, proper shoes for the type of exercise, change of clothes if necessary, etc.) whatever you feel is necessary in order to be comfortable because no gym bag has all the same things — this is always personal preference.
  2. have a workout in mind — you can create your own workout or you can follow a template you find online. I always say for the first time, do something ‘total body’ so you can experience different muscles at work
  3. mentally prepare by keeping an open mind — every gym is different, so if in the past you had a bad experience at a gym, don’t allow that to contribute to your thoughts about the new gym — go in with no expectations.
  4. Choose workout clothes that are comfortable. No need to be up on the latest trendy fashion or feel the need to expose your body because all the insta chicks do– it is up to you what you wear and as long as you like it, then it doesn’t matter what others think.
  5. Know the hours of operation of the gym, so you don’t run into having to to rush your workout or show up to a closed sign
  6. have questions handy in case you run into a staff member and need something explained.
  7. Eat something before heading out if you are the type of person that needs something before they start an activity, and drink plenty of fluids beforehand so that you stay hydrated

Now that your planning is all finished up. ..

Step two

Now that you have arrived at the gym, you need to locate where things are, take a quick walk around the gym and pay attention to restroom signs, exits, cardio machines, free weights, weight machines, water fountains/coolers, locker rooms/cubbies, the staff (what do they wear so you know who to contact in case you need assistance). Be attentive but take your time, you might have to do multiple walks around the gym or ask for a tour BUT regardless, get acquainted with your surroundings.

Step Three

Start with a warm up — do something on the cardio machines, pay attention to the button functions and go a slow and steady speed so that you can maintain good form but also this will allow you to people watch and get a good glimpse of the gym.

Step Four

Decide if you want to use free weights or weight machines or a mix of both. Typically weight machines come with directions on the actual machine — most of the time they can be descriptive but other times they lack detail so you might have to either ask another member or find someone who works there for assistance. Nothing wrong with learning something new, don’t be embaressed! It is always better to ask questions than to get hurt. Worst case scenario, you can use your phone and YouTube videos showing you how to use a particular machine or do a particular exercise using the free weights. #KnowledgeIsPower people!

Step Five

When your workout is finally finished, think about the pros and cons & decide if this gym is the right gym for you or if you need to do more research and search for another option! either way, it is your choice to make and if you decide to take the high road, don’t feel bad about it — choosing a gym is important and needs to reflect your needs, and the kind of atmosphere you want to surround yourself in.

All in All, I hope this was helpful information. Make sure to leave comments and likes! & Follow me on the blog & social media to keep updated on fitness/health!

Shay-lon Moss

Business Is Open ..

a little over a year ago, I moved to Columbus after accepting a full time position as a personal trainer at a small studio — it was fun while it lasted and helped me to meet people within the community and do what I love to do : TRAIN CLIENTS!

I decided after 11 months that I wanted to heightened my career and start my own business, I wanted to be my own boss, by my own person, train clients based on my philosophy around fitness, pick and choose clients based on their needs and what I was capable of & more importantly choose clients that I WANT TO TRAIN & not feel forced to work with individuals that I didn’t see ‘eye-to-eye’ with. I have been personal training for over 8 years now and I have always wanted more out of my career, wanted more out of my future and wanted more out of myself — I don’t like being stagnant for long & I always look for ways to elevate myself and others around me in a positive way. This is a new journey that I am taking & to be honest, I have no idea how it will turn out — successful or not, I want to give it a go & give it my all!

I am pleased to announce that I have finally opened my doors to taking on clients to train to be apart of #WonderWomanFitness. I have created a ‘personal training’ page that has a list of my services & pricing (feel free to contact me with any questions). All the while, I want my audience to understand what it means to be apart of #WonderWomanFitness & what it stands for — the ‘WHY’ it is important to me.

  1. You Have Strength — WonderWoman is a strong chick, for sure & I want my clients (male or female) to feel strong, be strong mentally & physically — you will have days you feel weak, days you feel down, but know you are strong enough to overcome.
  2. You Are Disciplined – Taking control of your behavior (i.e showing up to your sessions)
  3. You Have Courage – Trying something new
  4. You Are Independent – I would love to train everyone forever , BUT eventually I want to see all my clients move forward with the knowledge I’ve shared with them and do things on their own.
  5. You Are Confident – I can’t hand you confidence, but I can help you build on your confidence by helping you see what you are capable of when you “try” and when you give it your all. This will hopefully carry over in your life outside of the gym and you will feel confident about who you are and what you can do!
  6. You Are Humble – being humble doesn’t mean you can’t be excited when you PR , or that you can’t be happy with your success — I want you to be proud of all your hard work inside the gym , but remember you still have more you can learn and plenty more room to grow
  7. You Are Love / Be Kind To Yourself (& others) – Love yourself, love who you are , what you are about and be the person you want to be inside and out — Don’t allow society to tell you what body to have, how to eat, what being “attractive” looks like, how to “fit in” with other people — what you want out of being fit & healthy is up to you to determine & my job to guide you, help motivate & inspire you, keep you accountable, show you, and give you the tools needed to reach your goals.

This is just some of things that I want my training to help instill in people & something I want all my clients to remember when they step into the gym and they start their training — WonderWoman is more than a pretty face superhero, she has all these qualities & more — just like yourself & I find these qualities important in order to be successful in life.

With this now being official, I will try to keep my blog updated 1-2 times a week to start off & as time goes, I hope to make it 3-4 times a week and eventually daily once things start rolling. Everyone on and off my blog can enroll in training ( I do offer virtual training) so if I have followers from other places in the world, you are not left out, I am open to training you as well!

Thank you to all those who have been more than patient with me as I start this new journey, it has taken me a lot longer than I had planned but I am so happy I am taking this leap. Take note that my website will change with time & I plan on adding more things to the website to make it fun, and attract new prospects as well as keep my readers involved — so any feedback is good feedback if it can help me better myself as a professional blogger/ and or personal trainer.

Shay-lon Moss


Services – I am here to help

I am going to be making some changes to the site , and my online platforms — so far I have changed my domain name (

I want to make known to my followers more changes are to come, such as:

Creating a new Facebook Page — I will explain this later

Creating a Facebook Group – will explain later

I am ACCEPTING clients for personal training via in-person or online — this will be ongoing, just contact me and we can discuss details (along with this , I will go over some premium services I want include in my blog for those that will be clients) This includes nutrition, programming, consultation, etc.

I am going to be adding more content on my Instagram — informative, fun, and hopefully interactive

I am ACCEPTING blog guest post for my blog -email me details of your article, we can talk more.

I am up for hire, I am taking on writing jobs, and/or contracts for writing content / articles

When I start a podcast , you will be the first to know. .. this is in the future – so excited about it.

Redoing my YouTube channel (deleting and starting over) because I want to provide videos and demos of exercises that my audience can watch and learn from and utilize it for my business as well. PLUS, it will be used to discuss reviews on products, etc.

I have started mediation, currently using an app, so I want to add that into my blog platform — just deciding how I want to go about it. So if meditation is your niche, please hit me up, I want to follow and talk about it to get ideas. I am no pro at meditation, it will be a learning curve for me.

My blog will continue to talk about fitness/health/wellness/mental health/exercises, etc. but I am adding some other fun topics of discussion that stay within this realm.

Basically my goals of 2021 all summed up as far as blogging goes & online presence goes. It will take some sacrificing, time management skills, research and money — but my goal is to make my professions blend together , bring an audience together, build on self and build up others ūüôā

P.S once I create the new Facebook page and group, I will post links ūüôā Thank you!

BMI – Body Mass Index

Measuring Body Composition

Part one 

So, I am almost sure most of you have heard of the word “BMI” or body mass index. Most doctors of medicine today still use this as a prescribed way of letting their patients know if they are within a healthy weight class (hints why when you go for appointments, they check your height and weight).¬†

As a personal trainer, I have my own reservations when it comes to utilizing BMI with my clients due to the fact it leaves out A LOT of information but at a Dr’s office, they only need to know the basics unless for some reason your health brings up some concern — otherwise don’t expect them to look much further than the BMI system.¬†

When would I use it?

  • with the general population¬†
  • if my gym didn’t offer other forms of body composition measurement options
  • if my client was to ask me
  • if their doctor was to tell me that they need to work towards a certain weight range for their height (specifically)
  • or if I need a general idea of where my client’s healthy weight range should be (although this can easily be argued pending circumstances)
When would I NOT use it?
  • with athletes
  • if I have better body composition measurement options available to me
  • If my client doesn’t care to know their BMI information
  • if my client isn’t trying to lose, gain or maintain weight (they have more specific needs: muscle mass, rehabilitation exercises, etc)¬†
  • With clients with¬† an obsession with checking their weight — obviously initially I would have them weigh in; but for some people they need a strict planning for when to check weight because many times when people are obsessed with the numbers on a scale and don’t see the results they want, it brings them down – causes anger, frustration, depression and I want to avoid those feelings with my client when possible. Not to mention, I don’t want having their BMI checked daily to start becoming a thing so, I would introduce the idea if need be but restrict it for certain days and times if possible and work with them more on how they feel and look vs a number.¬†Make them comfortable with themselves and build their self confidence.
  • As a means to tell someone their overall health¬†
BMI is important, yes, but not important for everyone —¬†BMI doesn’t take into account our body fat % or how much lean muscle mass we have¬†— so it leaves out details, and categorizes people by their height and weight which can give false readings. For example, for the general population this would be a beneficial form of measurement because most of these clients are everyday people looking to become healthy and currently live sedentary lifestyles or very low activity lifestyles. Whereas, someone who is bodybuilder or basketball player have a very active lifestyle and probably have more specific needs.¬†
The issue is, someone who is a bodybuilder who weighs 190lbs at 5’8 is considered overweight — which is the same for someone who is inactive at 5’8 and weights 190 lbs is considered overweight as well (regardless of male or female).¬†obviously the bodybuilder isn’t overweight – BUT¬†if we base it off only BMI then technically by those terms he or she is (which is unfair and gives people a false perception of themselves)
As a personal trainer, whenever I measure someone’s BMI, I always explain what it means and how it contributes to the person’s well-being — but for all of my clients, especially athletes there are much better measurement methods to determine a precise read on someone’s overall weight/health/and body fat content (which I will speak upon in part two of body composition).¬†
The one thing to take away from this, BMI is very vague and doesn’t take into account other details besides height and weight — so with this being said, there are better, more precise methods to take into account before you decide to rely on just this form of body measurement.¬†
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