Leg dance & dance session

Warm up: EZ bar hip thrusters: 4 x 25, 30 lbs EZ bar goodmornings: 4 x 25, 30 lbs Hip abduction machine: 4 x 25, 35 lbs Workout: Conventional deadlift: (heavy day): 6 x 2-3. 2 x 245 lbs (80%), 2 x 260 lbs (85%) 2 x 275 lbs (90%) Barbell back squat [ lowContinue reading “Leg dance & dance session”

Monday Bench press session

Bench with speed and power So today was definitely a reboot day considering I haven’t been to the gym since Friday — because I used Saturday and Sunday as my rest days; so coming back today, I created my own workout plan utilizing the information I learned from Matt Wenning, I made today a dynamicContinue reading “Monday Bench press session”

Wednesday|Powerlifting|Cycle One|Deadlifts

Romanian Deadlift: 3 x 5 65% 1RM: 164 lb 75% 1RM: 190 lb 85% 1RM: 215 lb, for 6 max reps EZ bar goodmornings: 5 x 12, 60 lb and 40 lb Barbell glute bridges: 5 x 12, 115 lb Hyperextension: 5 x 12, 25 lb Leg curls: 5 x 12, 60 lb Weigh in: 154.4Continue reading “Wednesday|Powerlifting|Cycle One|Deadlifts”

Review Wednesday|BPiSports|Whey HD

Vanilla Caramel  Whey HD Supplement Review   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R91EBvEMzbw I tried my FIRST Bpi product, find out what I thought of it. Also, if you know you will be interested in trying out any of their products, you may use my discount code in my IG Bio: https://www.instagram.com/shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman/?hl=en   Which will save you 20% on your orders!

Nov.11th Workout|8 Week Program| Week One|Day 5

Saturday was a toughy but in a good way, because I made some good progress!    legs, biceps, triceps   Workout:   Barbell front squat: 3 x 8, 100 lb  Leg press: 3 x 8, 270 lb Seated calf raise: 3 x 8, 100 lb Seated DB curl: 3 x 8, 50 lb Weighted Dip:Continue reading “Nov.11th Workout|8 Week Program| Week One|Day 5”